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Awesome Guides to
Unsold Condo Units From Developers
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3 Different Lists to go through:

  1. TOP 2022 or Completion in 2022

  2. TOP 2023 or Completing in 2023

  3. Already Obtained TOP


Awesome Guide to Unsold Condo Units

TOP in 2022

Before the end of this year, 2022


Awesome Guide to Unsold Condo Units

TOP in 2023

TOP due next year in 2023


Awesome Guide to Unsold Condo Units

Already Obtained TOP

Move In Ready


Unsold Condo Units completed or due for completion are selling fast.

With the latest changes in property market, it is smarter for you to look at Condo which obtained TOP or completed, or due to TOP this year 2022 or next year 2023.  The stock is depleting.

Come for a 1-to-1 consultation and let us provide you with the best advices and show you which you could possible buy.

These Condos present better advantages than those which are recently launched and Resale units.


Why you should look at Condo already TOP or due to TOP 2022 or 2023


1.  Old Price Tag vs New Price Tag

Get these units before Prices jump another Step.

Buyers who have bought their units during the launch period would be very happy to end their patience waiting period, which typically is around three to five years.  They would be most happy as they are finally able to collect the keys to their new condo, touch and feel their unit and possible start either looking for a tenant intently or start renovation to stay in the unit.


2. Move In Ready Now or Very Soon

Minimum Renovation Required

Time and tide wait for no man. For those with kids, are you waiting for the kids to miss their childhood? For those with elderly, wouldn’t you want them to have a more leisure and more comfortable life as soon as possible?

For those who have the option to upgrade, need a change of environment or due to time constraints, looking into these properties would make better sense. We will help you to scan through on what are available currently.


3. Very Limited Stocks

Of late, stocks are moving faster than before

Stocks are depleting faster during these few weeks. Many local buyers are catching on and more foreign buyers are seriously looking at such developments.

Looking the trend of unsold stock, it is going downwards. As of second quarter 2022, it is 15,806 units versus second quarter of 2022 (two years ago), it was 24,296 units. It was a difference of 35 per cent.



4. Expect Prices to Go Up

Cost of most materials and services are increasing

It is almost understood by all that with the pandemic situation, the prices of materials and labour will go up. Question is how much more rather than whether the prices will go up or not. Specifically, the 5 main factors that cause prices to continue to increase are:

  • Demand and Supply
  • Cooling measures
  • Land Cost
  • Replacement Cost
  • Resale owners making good profit

We would be elaborate more when we meet.



5. Attractive to Foreign Buyers

Singapore has shown to be a safer haven for property purchases

The trend of more foreigners buying new properties is increasing. With the opening of borders, this trend will be more prominent. Looking the statistics of last year vs this year, there is an increase of 1.8 per cent age of foreign buyers.

Singapore has shown that it is indeed a SAFE haven in ASEAN with its management of Covid situation.

One-to-one Consultation and Get the Best Prices

Singapore has shown to be a safer haven for property purchases

If you are keen, let's have a chat.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will provide you with the information, consultancy and advice including pricing and real estate researches.

Expected Completion Date or TOP


Dates of completion or upon receiving TOP are to be used as a guide and for informational purposes only.  The dates indicated here are provided by the developers and being updated as accurately as possible at the updated date.

The Covid Pandemic will affect a delay of the completion of the new properties due to shortages of labour or restrictions on labour. As such, the TOP dates are subject to change over time and dependent on the effects from the pandemic.

The actual TOP date or date of completion may vary, depending on the project's construction progress.

The information contained on this page is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute legal, investment or other professional advice. Although the information on the website has been provided from reliable sources, we do not provide any warranty, expressed or implied, that the accuracy or completeness of any information provided.

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