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Qualification of Reviewer

Many are skeptical of property reviews especially if the reviewer is also from the property industry and just want to ‘sell’ the property without full knowledge.

For me, although I am a property agent but I am going to be very frank about Seaside Residences from the experience having stayed at Mandarin Gardens for a handful of years.

I am going to tell you very objectively and independently about the lifestyle of someone who stay so nearby with pro and cons of this East Coast lifestyle.

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The Air

This is the most difficult to explain because you need to experience it. The smell, the freshness, the ability to simply breath soothingly and filling your lungs with such air, from the morning you wake up to the night before you sleep. The air at this part of Singapore is simply reassuring and easing.

You start to experience it once you get to the open ground from your vehicle or lobby. In fact, once you open your balcony or window in the morning after you wake up, straight away there is this freshness that is quite rare in Singapore.

The Wind

It is windy almost all the time, in the range of 90%. The wind at this location is a great welcome when you come home after work and you just do not want air-con. In fact, there were many instances when I slept very comfortably without air-con even though I am someone who perspires easily. In a way, this is a much healthier lifestyle naturally.

The Views

Many would describe the sea views to be ‘million dollars’ view. It Is more than just dollars and cents. The views towards the sea would be without any HDB flats and with the east coast so near is simply a fabulous sight for the eyes and good for the heart.

Even if you have a bad day, you just need to go to the spot and look out to the sea to dissolve your issues. It is also very inspiring if you need inspiration because you would have a clearer mind when you enjoy the views. Otherwise, if you simply want to get away and be alone, the views would be just gorgeous.

The East Coast

Who do you know that have not been to the East Coast in Singapore? I strongly believe that the East Coast could be the one place in Singapore that is the most popular among Singaporeans and Foreigners that was ever visited.

There is so many things to enjoy at the East Coast. Cycling, running, walking, swimming, share a good meal with friends and relatives, enjoy a sea sports, having a quiet time, join a group for Tai Chi. In fact, a cyclist can cycle up to Marina Bay within an hour. There are many cycling tracks and there are also tracks leading to Changi Seaside and Bedok.

Access to East Coast is a short distance to the underpasses at near either Mandarin Gardens or Laguna Park.

At certain days, you would marvel looking at a coming storm, slowing merging towards Singapore. At night, the views are magical and can be quite romantic. Just switch off all the lights in your Condo, put a few candles around and play a jazzy or Bosa Nova song, the romance will be so much heightened.

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The Pride

There is always this sense of pride whenever I mentioned that I was staying in Mandarin Gardens when I had a apartment there. This sense of pride just come naturally as most people have this aspect of a better life staying at East Coast and even name it the East Coast Living

The Accessibility

Seaside Residences will only be around 8 minute drive to get to Changi International Airport and around 10 minute drive to Central Business District. In the future with Siglap MRT coming up, resident will be able to easy transportation via the MRT network.

It is also quite easy to get to the West part of Singapore with the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) linking the East Coast Expressway (ECP). There is also an easy access to the Kallang Expressway (KPE) which direct the residents to the central and northern part of Singapore.

The Food

Siglap and Katong are famous for many types of cuisine. There is so many choices, at different price range, dependent on what is your mood.

Siglap MRT Walk Cycle Ride

Cons of Staying At Seaside Residences

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The Salt

If you are not familiar living near to the sea, you would have to take note of the salt from the wind affecting anything that is made of iron. The iron will be rusty within around 3 to 5 years.

My advice is to avoid getting anything-household item that could rust and always spray your items with anti-rust spray. If you are thrifty, also avoid getting expensive electrical appliances, such as TV, hifi sets and lighting. Be prepare for the rust attack.

The Wind

As much as the windy conditions are a welcome to most people, you would also need to manage the situation when the winds get too strong. Do not hang or leave items which are light, get heavier versions. I used to manage the extremely windy situation by adjusting the gap of the opened windows. For sliding windows, you may just need to have a one inch gap to have a comfortable sleep.

The Popularity

East Coast is such a popular place to be in that you may end up having more visitors than usual. I had guests who requested to park their car at the Condo when they go overseas.



Overall and objectively speaking, you get a better quality of life staying at this portion of Siglap. The air is fresh, cool and nice, the conditions are marvelous, you get to manage your stress easily and you almost automatically get more friends.

A better quality of life gives you a healthier you. The touch and feeling at Seaside Residences will be very resort like. You could enjoy the wind and space just staring at the sky from the pool deck or garden pavilion. If you are looking for the best place for East Coast Living, may I recommend you Seaside Residences as your home or even for investment?

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