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What Other Consultants May Not Be Aware Of

Impact from Bidadari

Park Colonial is the first Condo for the picking in getting the benefit from the Transformation of Bidadari Township as Bidadari is just across the road. At this moment, we are not able to see the physical transformation but it will be very soon. For instance, Housing Board Development (HDB) has already indicated that Bidadari will have the first air-conditioned bus interchange underground by 2019.

Directly opposite Park Colonial is the Woodleigh Village which will be integrated with Bus Interchange and Hawker Centre on one side. The other side will be a mixed commercial & housing integrated with Community Club and Neighborhood Police Post.

According to HDB plans, Bidadari will have greenery weaving through the estate, Heritage Walk & Park, promotion of interconnected networks for cycling & walking, conducive public places and distinctive districts.


The Bidadari cemetery used to serve a mix of communities. It is now defunct. The graves were exhumed between 2001 and 2006. An article in Straits Times, dated 1 Sep 2013 indicated that Singaporeans are unfazed by Bidadari’s cemetery for planned HDB Estate.

Someone commented that "Almost everywhere in Singapore had graves you may not know about which have already been replaced by new estates." Another commented "We were keen on the proximity to the city and its potential for capital appreciation." Most are aware that Towns such as Bishan, Toa Payoh and parts of Bukit Timah were also cemeteries.

Where Park Colonial is concerned, Bidadari is on the opposite side of Upper Serangoon Road. The site of Park Colonial was a private housing land parcel and was not a cemetery area.

Woodleigh waterworks

Behind Park Colonial

There should be less concerned on whether the area behind Park Colonial will be another tall Condo. Behind it is the Woodleigh Waterworks and Complex and further down along Woodleigh Park are some very nice Colonial houses.   Based on 2014 Master Plan, the area is designated as Reserved Site.

Along Woodleigh Park is one of Singapore’s preserved colonial quarters which were established in the last century.

Park Colonial Woodleigh MRT

Woodleigh MRT

There are two side gates leading to the Woodleigh MRT Station, which is just outside the development. One of the side gates will be extended with a covered footpath. How often do you have the opportunity to be happily going out via MRT without an umbrella in a heavy rain?

With the MRT network, it will be so easy to travel to the eight corners of Singapore. This is one important aspect, which any tenants or residents would certainly appreciate.

Colonial Club Singapore


In the middle of the development, there is a clubhouse aptly names as "Colonial Club”. The uniquely high ceiling of around 9 meters with modern colonnade layered over windows in Venetian Screens gives the sense of form and space of colonial villas and statehouses.

Lap Pool

Flanking Colonial Club is the 50-meter long cantilevered lap pool, a geometric plateau of water that overhangs bravely out onto the undulating and sweeping contours of landscape below, offering a stunning view of the islands of water, trees and lawn in the horizon.

Park Colonial Singapore cabana


One of the most charming places to entertain is the English Breakfast House, which you could entertain your guests with in a English Colonial Setup, delighting your guests with a unique environment and your food.

Tranquil Waterway

This is one of the places where you could watch the world go by on a hammock. You could wade through shallow water under the shady trees and simply relax on the hammock beds. This will be a good place to get away from a busy or city life and enjoy mother nature.

Park Colonial Landscape


The landscape will be very interesting with a well-shaded garden of grand raintrees and palm tress over manicured bushes, basic lawn grass, tarmac and gravel. Residents will not disappointed as the Landscape Architect is Award Winning Ecoplan Asia Pte Ltd. One recent award was Our Asia Property Award: Best Landscape Architectural Design (Asia) 2017 for their work at High Park Residence Singapore.

Park Colonial Smart Home System

Smart Home and Estate System

The trend of having smart home system provided by developers started not too long ago and it is about time. Of particular interests are

  1. The ability to book a facility (without having to go to the security booth to do a booking)
  2. Getting visitors who drive to able to have ‘priority’ instead of waiting in line for registration
  3. Ordering of food and delivery.

This will make life so much more convenient and your guests would be more delighted to visit you.

Park Colonial Prices

Cost of Getting A Unit

There will be a new mixed development across the road. Based on Business Times report dated 28 mar 2018, sources indicated that the units are likely to priced above S$2,000 per square foot (psf) during the launch. The launch is expected to be in September 2018.

Over at Park Colonial, the prices of the units during launch period with special discount will be much lower than the nearby mixed development.  Buyers of Park Colonial will have this first mover advantage and enjoy attractive prices for their units.


With the Colonial Design in celebrating the splendour of the heritage, very interesting facilities, the short distance to the MRT Station, the availability of the up-coming amenities across the road and a modern touch of a Smart Home and Estate System, this is one of the better developments you can find at City Fringe of Singapore.

Please feel free to contact us for any queries and we would welcome you to view the showflat if you are keen to get a unit at Park Colonial.

Contact us and will provide you with the latest update and get the best advantages of this new property launch.  Or simply whatsapp +65 9114 3737.

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