1. The typical order of new development is as follows:

-    Developer confirms their detailed plans with the authorities

-    Developer appoints a marketing agency with inputs on the how the development should be launched

-    Developer with the appointed project manager (from the markeing agency) holds a briefing session with the real estate consultants

-    Property consultants start marketing the development

-    A date is selected for Preview

-    During preview, the actual prices will be released and bookings start.

-    After preview, the developer would usually advertise in the major newspaper

  1. As such, you would notice that by the time you see the advertisement in the newspapers, some of the units would have been sold.
  1. The best way to get informed is the register yourself with a reputable Real Estate Consultant who do new launches.
  1. Meanwhile, identify which locations you are keen in.  By all means, you could search on new launch web site or through Google.
  1. Engage the consultant to do a presentation of the development that you are keen in.  In most cases, you would be able to take a look a the model in the showflat premise.
  1. If you are not sure of your financial situation, you could ask your real estate consultant to recommend a banker for you.  In some cases, there will be bankers at the showflat whom you could see advice from.
  1. Have a good look at the model, understand and visualise your selected units.  Peep into the 'done up' showflat, if possible.
  1. It is also important to visualise the development and your selected unit with respect to the surroundings.
  1. Happy Buying!!!


  1. What to note Before You Enter The Showflat
  2. What to Consider When You Step Into The Showflat

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