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Singapore, being a land scared country, residential property is one major and difficult factor in managing the cost of living. Landed property is a great desire of many Singaporeans but only for the privileged few.  If you are looking for huge size, large space and privacy, landed properties would likely to be your choice. 

With the current trend as from 2019, there are some 5 bedroom units in a mass market that are more expensive than some the new landed property launches. 

Get one to suit your lifestyle, for the happiness of your family, loved ones and for yourself.

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Types of Landed Properties in Singapore

Typically, there are five basic types of landed properties:

Strata-Landed (Cluster Homes) – a mix of landed and condo lifestyle. Typically, enjoying spaciousness of a landed properties and condo-style facilities such as gym, swimming pools, manicured landscape and basement car park. These could be terraces, corner terraces, semi-detached or bungalow. There is also the ‘Town House’, landed style of living in a condo development.

Terrace (or Inter-Terrace) – a landed property in a row of three or more houses jointed with a common wall. There is also the corner terrace with only one common wall at the end of each end of the terraces houses.

Semi-detached – usually smaller than bungalows and is one of the pair with a joined common wall.

Bungalows or Detached houses – sole standing house without any common wall or roof. Technically, the minimum plot size is 400 sqm. There is also ‘Good Class Bungalow’ with minimum land plot of 1,400 sqm usually with large gardens, swimming pools and other luxurious facilities.

Shophouse – a two to four storey landed house, attached to another similar structured, typically connected to the street with a covered walkway.


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