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Greater Southern Waterfront Singapore
Project, Development And Potential

location of greater southern waterfront singapore

The Origin of Waterfront City

The southern part of Singapore has been transforming very rapidly and is becoming an area that the government is keeping a very close eye to this project.  The fact that the Central Business District (CBD) is in this same area provide the best reason.

Back in 2010, the Singapore Economic Committee (ESC) announced that a masterplan must be developed for a new waterfront city at Tanjong Pagar when the lease of the post expires in 2027, freeing up 1,000 ha of land.  It should be planned with the view to optimise the value and comprehensively re-plan the prime waterfront. It should allow for a substantial expansion of CBD integrated with waterfront housing, hotels, exceptional lifestyle and cater to tourism.

Master Plan 2019 on Centralisation

Master Plan 2019 Singapore

When the draft Master Plan 2019 was released in March 2019 by Minister of National Development, Lawrence Wong, he indicated the size of the Greater Southern Waterfront to be 2,000 ha (twice more than on previous plan).  It is about six times the size of Marina Bay, stretching from Pasir Panjang to Marina East.

This new development will be a new gateway for an urban waterfront living. 

The Greater Southern Waterfront will support the CBD transformation in rejuvenating the city centre, keeping it competitive and vibrant. 

Gateway to Live work play

Main Strategic Thrusts

The four main strategic thrusts in developing this Gateway to Future Live, Work and Play are;

  • Continuous Waterfront Promenade
  • Possible Future Southern Reservoir
  • Connect Green and Open Spaces
  • Extend the City to Greater Southern Waterfront

Proposed Broad Ideas

Nine broad ideas have been proposed forming the groundwork for this mega project.  This new development will start in 5 to 10 years in phases, earlier than expected.

history greater southern waterfront singapore
new waterfront district
Changing Singapore's Southern Landscape

New and Exciting Waterfront District

The lease of the land for port usage at Tanjong Pagar, Keppel and Pulau Brani will expire in 2017.  In place, the government is looking to have a new waterfront district with the potential to capture international attention, new fabulous skyline and brings in the ability for more business opportunities to Singapore.

Pasir Panjang will host the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) City Terminal.  The migration to Tuas mega-port will be progressive from 2021 to 2040 as the year of completion.  There are also plans to integrate Sentosa with the Southern Waterfront and to develop Pulau Brani.

The lease of Keppel Club will be expiring in December 2021, and the plan is to convert it to be a new residential precinct.  Residents will be able to enjoy easy access to the waterfront and two MRT Stations.  The old Pasir Panjang Power District will be an exciting heritage and lifestyle destination.

central business district signapore
expansion of CBD
More Commercial and Residential Properties

Expansion of Central Business District (CBD)

The government wants to enjoy more mixed use in the CBD with more residential and hotel and places to host activities beyond office hours.  One of the ways is to expand the business and after office hours activities to Greater Southern Waterfront which is expected to have more smart features and iconic developments.  It will push Singapore’s reputation as a world-class city. 

It will be new hub of commercial, residential and community activities, with more residents, executives, youths and tourists.

art display at circle line
circle line completion
Provding Better Conveniences

Completion of Circle Line 6 in 2025

The completion of Circle Line (Orange Line) is due to complete by 2025, after the opening of Prince Edward Road, Cantonment and Keppel stations (all of which is supporting the Southern Waterfront City). 

Travel times will be shorter, and commuters can reach favourite hang out faster and efficiently via the thirty stations and nine interchanges.  Every station will be integrated with art and designed cutting edge architecture.  Moreover, a new intelligent train system will be deployed.

St James Power Station Singapore
st james power station
Enhancing Business Opportunities

Transformation of St. James Power Station to an Office Complex

Singapore’s first coal-fired power station, St. James Power Station was built in 1927 and was gazetted as a national monument.  Located next to VivoCity, it was a mega entertainment hub and one of the biggest nightlife complex in Singapore.  It shut down on 1 September 2018 but will refurbish into an office complex.

Marina Reservoir Singapore
Maximising water resources
Support By Network Of Canals

Maximising Water Resources via a City Reservoir

There is a proposed city reservoir to retain rainwater from the Greater Southern Waterfront and capture excess water from the Marina Reservoir.  A network of canals will support it and possibly line with shops and cafes with new neighbourhoods of low and mid-rise property developments.  It is likely to be located between Tanjong Pagar and Pulau Brani.

Location of Pulau Brani
remodelling Pulau Brani
Possibility Of New Tourism Attraction

Remodelling of Pulau Brani

There are plans to develop new tourism attractions at Pulau Brani and together with Sentosa, it will become the Southern Gateway of Asia in Sentosa.  A possible consideration is to grow the cruise industry, expanding the scope of Marina Bay Cruise Centre. 

Other possibility includes the creation of green corridors of open space linking Mount Faber to Pulau Brani, extending the Marina Bay linear park. 

Blue Space Singapore
enjoyment of blue space
For A Better Quality Of Life

Enjoyment of Blue Space for All

A study concluded that residents with a view of the water are less stressed.  The increased visibility of water aptly called the blue space is significantly associated with lower levels of psychological distress.  Some of the advantages are:

  • Ability to indulge in a calm, peaceful and soothing atmosphere
  • Reducing stress and cortisol levels
  • Opportunity to acquire better physical health with the enjoyment of popular waterspouts
  • Being near water can induce a meditative state, or give our minds a rest.
  • Better quality of air
  • Enjoyment of beautiful sea views

It is not a mystery that the Greater Southern Waterfront with continuous waterfront promenade will be attractive to people of all works.  This promenade could be a favourite place where people could jog, cycle, stroll to all the places of interests along the walk. 

Park Connectors Southern Ridges
park connector
Easier Access to Nature

Connecting Nature Via Park Connectors and Southern Ridges

The Master Plan 2019 shows 1,000 ha more parks and park connectors across the island, an estimated thirteen per cent more than the current 7,800 ha.  The objective is to have nine out of ten Singaporeans to be just ten-minute walk from a park, in fifteen years (In the Year 2035).

The government will be enhancing green spaces in Mount Faber and develop a new Pasir Panjang Linear Park, linking Labrador Nature Reserve to West Coast Park. 

Labrador Nature Reserve, a rich forest of biodiversity with a military heritage features 55 acres of nature trails and preserved natural habitats.  It also contains the only rocky sea-cliff on Singapore main island.

Both parks will provide exceptional views of Greater Southern Waterfront and link to inter-connected open spaces along the Southern Ridges which in turn connects to the Rail Corridor

Pasir Panjang Power District
power station go underground
Freeing Three Hectares Of Land

Pasir Panjang Power Station to go Underground

The government is planning to build its most massive underground 230kV electrical substation at Pasir Panjang, freeing up three hectares of land.  Power Company SP Group will head this new project, looking at a capacity to power more than two housing towns by 2025.

For above ground, the government launched a competition in April 2019 calling for ideas to rejuvenate the15 ha Pasir Panjang Power District into a waterfront destination with preservation of the industrial heritage and a place for work and play.   Currently, it hosts two power stations, round oil tanks and ancillary buildings.

An Exciting New Southern Singapore

The Greater Southern Waterfront will change the tourism, business and residential landscape of Singapore.  With the government putting so many resources into this project, it only gets more exciting with more confirmed plans and tomorrow will be better.

Get prepared to take advantage of this new landscape.  Some of the new property launches with terrific views of the Greater Southern Waterfront are:

Midtown Bay at Beach Road

One Pearl Bank at Outram-Chinatown area

Sky Everton at Everton- Spottiswoode area. 

Avenue South Residences at Kampong Bahru area.

If you are keen on these properties and want to get more information, please contact us.


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