Foreigner Restrictions Landed Properties

Salient Points

In order for a Foreigner (including Permanent Resident) to own a landed property, approval must be sought via Singapore Land Authority through Land Dealings Approval Unit (LDAU).  A foreign person is ‘defined’ as a person who is NOT:

  • Singapore citizen;
  • Singapore company;
  • Singapore limited liability partnership; or
  • Singapore society.

Specifically, the restricted properties include:

  1. Vacant residential land;
  2. Terrace house;
  3. Semi-detached house;
  4. Bungalow/detached house;
  5. Strata Landed house which is not within an approved condominium development under the Planning Act;
  6. Townhouse;
  7. Residential Shophouse;
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Please Note:

  • Legaility

    The purchase of property is subject to Government approval under the Residential Property Act.  Otherwise, agreement is not valid.  Details of the Residential Property Act

  • Assessment Criteria

    Applicant is assessed on case by case basis:

    Main requirements:

    • You are a Permanent Resident of at least 5 years
    • Make an exceptional economic contribution to Singapore

    Main factors considered

    • Academic,  professional and/or technical qualifications
    • Employment income assessable for tax in Singapore
  • Processing Time

    Processing time is estimated 20 days (assuming all documents requested are intact).  There have been some cases that took 3 months.

  • Cost of application

    The charges is around S$1,220 via credit and debit cards.

  • Land Size Restrictions

    For purchase of land, land area cannot exceed 15,000 sqft

  • Restriction on Disposal

    For development already completed or obtained Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP), buyer cannot dispose within 3 years after the date of purchase of property

  • Minimum Occupation Period

    For owners of Executive Condominium, you need to have a minimum occupation period of 5 years from date of TOP

  • Current Restricted Owners

    If already own a restricted property (landed, strata  houses or shophouses), need to dispose of it.  Time frame; New property; on or before separate legal title is issued; for property under construction, within 3 months aft TOP; TOP already but not issued with legal title, within 3 months from date when seller delivers vacant possession of new property

  • Approval Letter

    When approved, SLA will issue an undertaking form.   Need to fill up this form with solicitor and return to SLA.  Then SLA will release approval letter

  • Submission of Applications

    All applications are to be submitted online


Authority is:

Singapore Land Authority (SLA), Land Dealings (Approval) Unit

55 Newton Road #12-01 Revenue House, S(307987)

Tel: 6478 3444

Reference:  Restriction on Foreigner Ownership of Landed Property


Information and details are constantly being updated.   Please refer to Singapore Landed Authority for the latest details.

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