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Major Factors of Advantages and Disadvantages

Award Winning Factors

Belgravia Green Review providing you with in-depth insides of this Freehold Cluster Housing Development at Ang Mo Kio Singapore. 

Cluster homes have been rather attractive to the younger families in Singapore as it is a home with the best of Landed and Condo living.  For those who knew of Belgravia Villas, the neighbor of Belgravia Green came from the same developer, was 100% sold out. The developer got some useful feedback and made significant changes in their next Strata Landed Housing Development.  As a result, this Belgravia Green is the much-improved version of Belgravia Villa, in terms of layout, space planning, home lift reaching roof terrace, etc. 

Belgravia Villas

Belgravia Villas, the earlier 'brother' of Belgravia Green, was one of the top-selling cluster housing developments in 2018.  Furthermore, they have won some top awards won, including:

• 2015 - 2016 Asia Pacific Property Awards (Development)
- Highly Commended Residential Development, Singapore

• 2015 South East Asia Property Awards
- Winner for Best Landed Development (Singapore)

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Belgravia Green Award

Likewise, this new development is a proud sibling with strong confidence.   Indeed, credit must also go to LAUD Architects for their modern origami architecture, beautiful and sleek interior design by Architology and great landscaping by PDAA Design.

As a result, Belgravia Green was awarded for The Best Landed Development in 2018 by PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards Event. 

A report indicated the following winning factors:

  1. Thoughtful design in maximizing privacy and comfort
  2. For the feel of connection with the green, landscape setting
  3. Modern, minimalist, Scandinavian-style homes, applying the concept of “less is more”
  4. The feel of abundant spaces with clean lines
  5. Clutter-free bold asymmetrical design
  6. Distinctive fin-like design ensuring optimal level of shelter, privacy, and shade
  7. Metal frames connecting the indoors to the outdoors seamlessly
  8. Full-length windows enhancing light and air built
  9. Well designed landscape to live, relax, stay active and socialize
  10. Appeal as an elegant and functional homely residence for multi-generation or older residents

Watch This Video Which Best Illustrate Belgravia Green

Advantageous Positioning of Belgravia Green


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Bedroom Spaces

There are a total of five bedrooms which have attached toilets, which is very appropriate to host three generations of family.   At the basement, there is a bedroom fondly known as ‘Granny’s Room’, great for the elders to avoid the staircase or when the home lift is not working.  At level 2, you have the master bedroom, which is exceptionally large, putting many to be envious and another bedroom. Moreover, there are two bedrooms at level 3, would be great for the younger ones, providing more privacy and exclusiveness for the young generation.

Ground Level Spaces

With an efficient layout of each unit, you will feel the huge space when you are in the living room and dining room.  The kitchen is fairly large and the dining area can be adorned with beautiful ceiling lights taking advantages of the high double volume ceiling height.  As an extra touch, there is a powder room at the ground level.

Basement Spaces

At the basement, you get the 2 car park lots.  With basement car park, your car is sheltered, well protected from harsh sun and bird shits. Indeed, It added much convenience to bring any bulky items or weekly groceries home.  There is also a family or entertainment area in the basement which is very suitable for mahjong games or has karaoke sessions. Furthermore, there are many corners for storage

Roof Terrace Spaces

At the roof terrace, you will be able to have nice views of mostly landed properties or the park connector.  This will also be a great place to host a family BBQ function since there is a kitchen sink provided. Alternatively, it could also be a cosy garden, with much plants and fairy lights.

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The range of facility is very appropriate for multi-generation families to enjoy.  With facilities within the compound, residents old and new can enjoy themselves via condo-like facilities. For instance, how do you feel about taking a swim in a lap pool, or workout at the gym, or organize a BBQ function just around of your own landed home?


With a cluster home environment, you have the protection with security guards, great if you have teenagers or children to look after.   Beneficially, you can also seek security assistance if you do not feel safe or when the neighbours are just too much.

Central Location

Belgravia Green is effectively located in a central location, just off Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5. Consequently, getting to the city, expressways, some well-known schools, eateries and amenities at Ang Mo Kio, Bishan, Hougang, Serangoon is rather easy and less time-consuming.   In addition, there will be free shuttle bus service to nearby MRT Stations for the first year after completion.

Low Maintenance Fees

Another advantage is the low maintenance fees which range from S$430 to S$473 per month only.   You get to enjoy the landscape and facilities at a rather low price. On the other hand, some condominium charges around double the amount for a 5 bedroom unit. 

Optional of Private Lift

Not all units at Belgravia Green come with a home lift, depending on the needs and requirement of the buyers.  There are some terraces without a home lift and these are priced lower.  For those units with home lift, it is a great delight and an additional plus point that the private lift goes up to the roof terrace which is hard to come by in Singapore.

Branded Appliances

This development emphasising on great quality will be furnishing each unit with appliances from De Dietrich and Samsung and fittings from Hansgrohe and Kohler.  In addition, every unit will also have a Smart Home System from Fibaro to automate air-conditioner, lighting, security camera, door sensor and booking of facilities.

North-South Direction

All units are in North-South Direction, providing better flow of air and would be less exposed to direct sun. It is no surprise that the location is also breezy since there are not many high-rises blocking the flow of wind.

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Getting away from the concrete jungle, the busy streets and people masses of Singapore can be quite challenging. However, the location of Belgravia Green is in a landed enclave, so the surrounding will be quiet and tranquil.

Belgravia Green Landscaping

Landscaping is designed for life and relax direction.  As a result, you have the gentle pathways, softscaping and themed gardens such as Fragrance Garden, Foliage Garden, Spice Garden, Spring Blooms and Patio Garden. Also, there is a rocky pond with a soothing sound via the gently babbling brook and quiet spots furnished with comfortable outdoor furniture.

Benefits of Tranquillity

A Tranquil environment offers countless benefits:

  • Better concentration ability, more intuitive
  • Positive energy for a more positive life
  • More efficient in handling your daily affairs of life
  • Better focus, easily complete tasks
  • A sense of inner strength and power
  • More patience, motivation, tolerance and tact
  • Freedom from stress, anxieties and worries.
  • A sense of inner happiness and bliss.
  • Falling asleep quickly and sleeping soundly

Belgravia Green - Smart Home Automation System


The trend of providing Smart Home Systems for recent new property launches started a few years ago.  Residents will be able to enjoy a more convenient, efficient and high-tech lifestyle.

For better comfort, connectivity, security and a touch of luxury, a smart home automation system will be a great choice.  Such technology always seems to look expensive but at the rate that such systems are deployed, the cost has fallen significantly.

At Belgravia Green, this aspect is being enhanced by a Smart Home Automation System by Fibaro.   Some of the capabilities include:

  • Smart Digital Lockset by Yale
  • Smart Security Lighting
  • Motion Detection Alarms
  • Window and Glass Break Detector
  • Smart Air-conditioner (control temperature)
  • Smart Community App for facilities booking, services booking, etc

In addition, residents can also opt for more devices to be added to the Automation System, such as:

  • Smart Motion Sensor
  • Smart Roller Bind
  • Smart Wall Plug
  • Smart Multimedia (playing favourite music)
  • Smart IP Security Camera (for remote monitoring)

Belgravia Green - Attractive Prices On Offer

The intermediate terraces without lift start from S$2,730,000 and those with lift start from S$2,960,000.The developer is able to price this low as the land was bought many years ago.  Above all, this is FREEHOLD landed property which you can pass to your next generations. 

In comparison to a ‘medium class’ five bedrooms 99-year leasehold condominium not too far away from Belgravia Green, prices of such units are from $2,800,000.

In terms of psf, it is around $8xx at Belgravia Green, similar range as those of some new Executive Condo sold.

Please note that prices quoted are subjected to changes and depends on the availability of units for sale.

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Main Disadvantages

Have To Wait for Completion

The construction period is slightly longer because of the need to build a solid basement. As a result, Belgravia Green will take about 3 to 4 years to complete.  To clarify, the construction has just started and the legal estimated date of completion is June 2023. However, if there is no surprises or complication, the date of completion could possibly be in 2022.  Prospective Buyers would have to be patient to move in.

Prices Likely To Increase

The demand for cluster homes is rising (based on Business Times report in 2018).  However, the supply of strata homes cluster housing developments is limited.  As a consequence, selling prices of Belgravia Green may be increased soon leaving those buyers whose circumstances forbid them to buy at this period behind.

Foreigner Restrictions

As in all landed properties, foreigners, including permanent residents are restricted and would have to apply for a permit via Singapore Land Authority. In addition, they would have to prove that they have contributed to the Singapore economy and each application is dealt with on a case by case basis.  Approval may take around three months.


Every property would have some short-coming factors but are they major and are they difficult to overcome?

If you have a family, seeking for a 5 or 4 bedroom property in Singapore, Belgravia Green is definitely one Cluster Home that you should take a look.  Such pricing (of $8xx psf and the quantum) for a Freehold landed property is going to be more and more difficult to come by.  In fact, prices here are comparable with large units in many other Condo with 99-year leasehold tenure.

Moreover, with more restrictions on communal space from URA for future cluster housing developments and the impending price increase of property in Singapore, most developers will not be encouraged to develop more cluster homes.  

The developer for Belgravia Green has been very intently in listening to the feedback of potential buyers of their previous cluster homes.  They have has been very diligently improved on many aspects, such as bigger kitchen, private lift going up to the roof terrace and more efficient in designing the layout in Belgravia Green.

If you are keen, kindly make an appointment for a viewing and get a complete presentation of Belgravia Green.

Yours Sincerely,


Desmond Tan - The Reviewer

Disclaimer: I am a licensed real estate consultant with the agency that is marketing Belgravia Green.  The views here are personal and mostly curated via my years of experience and my understanding of many happy customers needs, requirements and wishes who bought properties through me.  Here I just want to share some insights while trying to be neutral.  I aim to help potential buyers to make well-informed decisions in getting their properties.

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